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Our Courses

Management & Behavioural


Maxpert Management course improves leadership, supervising and managing skill and designed to meet managerial competences. Behavioral training improves interpersonal relationships, communicating and handling stress and managing time. Promacs Management training tends to be practical and to focus on specific management techniques.



Maxpert offer wide range of occupational safety training courses; which reflects our, expertise and passion in this area. Maxpert Biggest asset is our trainers. They are health and safety experts; and they know how to engage with delegates to get the very best results.

Vocational & Technical


Maxpert technical course is a theoretical and on-job training to enhance the employee’s skills and develop his knowledge through the needed technical competency. Our experienced highly educated trainers develop and deliver the training material according to the latest technics and technology and according the client’s needs and specification

Accredited & Certified


Maxpert Courses are accredited from international Bodies and we offer a wide range of certified courses from well-known certified bodies and it cover most of the competency needed in the workplace. 

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