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Management Courses


Maxpert Management course improves leadership, supervising and managing skill and designed to meet managerial competences. Behavioral training improves interpersonal relationships, communicating and handling stress and managing time. Maxpert Management training tends to be practical and to focus on specific management techniques.

Management Courses

Management, Leadership & Supervisory Courses


Motivation and Goal Setting

Business Award

Productivity Series

Project Management

Team Development

Different Leadership Attributes and Skills

Office Manager Diploma

Handling Conflict and Confrontation

Management - Personalities, Profiles and Plans

Time Management

Communication Skills

Presentation and Public Skills

Business Writing

Critical Thinking

Change Management

  HR Courses

Human Resources Courses


Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection

Job Analysis and Job Descriptions

Competencies: Design, Develop & Implement

Payroll: Preparation, Analysis and Management

Managing Training Needs

Job Evaluation and Grading System

Compensation Management

Career Development & Succession Planning

Counseling and Disciplinary Procedures

Performance Management: Setting KPIs and Conducting Appraisals

Writing Policies and Procedures

Talent Management, Retaining your Talents


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