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Consultation Solutions

Maxpert helps organizations in meeting key priorities such as increased growth, revenue generation, efficiency, safety, compliance, and quality by providing strategic learning solutions to them.


Whatever your organization size is, Our strategic consulting services can assist you to optimize training delivery so that they reach these key priorities and improve organizational performance.


Strategic consulting offered by Maxpert includes:



Strategic Planning

By designing a tailored Training, organizational goals are achievable, resulting in a skilled, sustainable workforce. This is why our strategic plans are found

Performance Management

To ensure getting the most out of your employees; Promacs helps you designing a performance management system.

Managing the performance of your employees is critical to achieving high performance.

Training Needs Analysis

TNA identifies training and competency gaps within your workforce.  It should be utilized during times of change to ensure that training programs continue to align with organizational needs.

Training Standards

We develop training standards to ensure consistent delivery across a number of training organizations.

Promacs is a leader in developing training standards that act as a design and delivery benchmark for multiple training programs

Training Evaluation

We provides complete training evaluation accordding Kirkpatrick-Phillips Learning Evaluation Model,  that identifies long-term training results and return-on-investment (ROI).

Competency Mapping

A bevy of your abilities, commitments, knowledge and skills, is what makes up your competency. Through competence mapping, we identify the specific knowledge, abilities and behavior required in a specific trade or profession

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